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[Effects and Functions of Rutabaga _ Nutritional Value of Datou Pear]

In fact, there is another name for cabbage, cabbage, and other places called cabbage, etc. Different places have different names. Rutabaga is very common in daily life, and people eat more. The most common oneThe method of eating is to fry with meat. In Guangxi, people generally like to stir-fry the rutabaga and bacon. The fried rutabaga has just the right oil and salinity, and the taste is good.The nutritional content is very high, and it contains a variety of vitamins, which has better health effects on the human body.

In the north and southwest, there is a tradition of pickled kohlrabi, so kohlrabi often appears on our tables as mustard and side dishes.

So do you know what the efficacy and role of kohlrabi is?

Rutabaga’s nutritional value1. Rutabaga is rich in dietary fiber, which can promote colonic motility, reduce the dwell time of feces in the colon, prevent constipation, and reduce the concentration of carcinogenic factors by reducing toxins, thereby playing a role in detoxification and cancer prevention.

2. Rutabaga contains a substance called glucosinoglucose, which can produce alternative mustard oil after decomposition, and has the effect of promoting digestion and absorption.

3. Rutabaga also has a special fragrant smell, which can increase appetite and help digestion.

4. Rutabaga has the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, antibacterial and swelling, can resist infection and prevent the occurrence of diseases, inhibit the toxicity of bacterial toxins, and promote wound healing.

5. Rutabaga can diuretic and dehumidify, and promote body water and electrolyte balance.

Because of its hot nature, it can also warm the spleen and stomach.

6. Rutabaga is rich in ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and is a highly active reducing substance. It participates in important redox processes of the body, can increase the oxygen content in the brain, stimulate the brain’s use of oxygen, refreshes the brain, and relieves fatigue.Role.
Rutabaga originally had so many benefits, did you also know about it?

In fact, many foods have the role of health care, but you have not taken it seriously. There are many benefits to eating kohlrabi, it can have the effect of detoxification and heat, it is good for anti-cancer and anti-cancer, and it can also diureticFunction, such foods can be eaten often.