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Three-letter tips on natural beauty

Guide: Beauty is the lifelong career of each MM, but beauty cannot rely on all kinds of skin care products.

Natural beauty is the best choice for MM beauty.

Modern people claim to have a carbon-free life, which is recognized as natural and healthy, including all aspects of life such as food, clothing, exercise, etc. Natural beauty is of course indispensable.

Natural beauty is the word for nature.

Avoid or reduce exposure to chemicals to minimize the irritation to your body.

  Wash your face frequently.

Frequent face washing and natural beauty can remove the attached oil, dirt, dust and other attachments from the body to keep the skin clean. Washing your face should be a locally alkaline bath. The temperature of the water is boiled in cold water for 3 minutes and then cooled to 20-2 ° Coptimal.

The order should be bottom-up.

  Often massage.

Frequent facial skin massage can promote blood circulation and metabolism, adjust the physiological function of the human body, and is a good helper for natural beauty.

  Lie on your back.

Adequate sleep and proper sleeping position is the best way to reduce the natural beauty of wrinkles.

Sleep on your back, without the use of pillows, the skin and muscles can be in the best resting state, the blood circulation is not disturbed in any way, and the skin can enjoy sufficient oxygen and nutrients.

  Heavy nutrition.

Foods rich in vitamins, proteins, vitamins, minerals, cellulose, trace elements and trace elements can provide skin with reasonable nutrition and promote skin cell metabolism.

Among them, vitamins are very important for the natural beauty of the skin, such as vitamins E, B, C, A and so on.

Therefore, when eating, you should try to eat more vegetables and fruits, and according to the situation, take some vitamin preparations.

Drinking water is also very important for natural beauty. A person should drink at least 6-8 glasses of water a day to maintain skin moisture.

  Pass stool.

The stool contains many decomposition products of food. For example, if it is continuously placed inside the human body, some bad decomposition products and pigments will be reabsorbed, which will affect the health of the body and is not conducive to natural beauty.

Therefore, develop the habit of pooping once a day.

  Chew frequently.

Chew as often as you eat, and swallow the saliva after chewing to exercise your facial muscles.

Usually eat at both ends of the chewing alternately, do not use only manual chewing, so as not to chew the chewing muscles developed, blocking the chewing muscles atrophy, forming a partial face.

  Don’t be nervous.

When a person is over-stressed, the brain nerves are highly excited, causing skin nerve endings to be tense, capillaries to contract, blood flow to be slow or blocked, resulting in a decrease in the oxygen supply to the skin, and the skin may appear purple to varying degrees.

This is often the case, and races tend to get darker and even grayer.

  Protect from the sun.

It seems that some people are suffering from sunburn.

In fact, when outdoor activities, some measures can be taken to block the sun, such as holding a parasol, wearing a wide-brimmed hat, and wearing light long-sleeved clothes.

If necessary, you can apply sunscreen to prevent skin phototoxic reactions.

Message from the editor: Natural skin care methods are very popular, so natural beauty will certainly be welcomed.