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How to get rid of blackheads

First of all, the focus of oil control and summer oil control is when cleaning and hydrating, you can consider choosing a clean and oil-controlling facial cleanser. The targeted effect will be better!

It will be good for cleaning the skin and pores to remove excess keratin and help balance oil secretion!

After cleansing, you can rub some toner to refresh the oil and control the pores!

  Imbalance of water and oil is the main reason for oil production!

The key to oil control is hydration. It is recommended that you can make a hydrating mask twice a week. You can try Yu Nifang. I have mixed oil in the T area of the skin. It is a little oily and dry in two places.

The skin metabolism at night is twice that of the daytime, so the mask effect will be better before going to bed. After finishing the mask, you can rub some hydrating cream to help hydrate and moisturize!

Then you can sleep!

  If you have blackheads, you should pay attention to cleaning blackheads. The reason for the big blackheads is that dust and horny particles have entered the pores and were not cleaned in time!

You can use vinegar + fine salt!

This effect is more obvious!