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Stomach cold and pain

In the winter, the hypertensive tract is prone to contractile contraction due to cold stimulation, and its resistance is weakened.

In summer and autumn, some people who gluttony and cold drink, in winter, the spleen and stomach function weakens, and it often manifests as stomach pains, stools and so on.

Here are a few effective winter stomach warming medicated diets, patients can choose according to their own circumstances.

  Lamb glutinous jujube porridge takes 150 grams of mutton, 10 grams of yellow box, 10 pieces of red dates (coreless), 5 grams of galangal, 100 grams of glutinous rice, add porridge with water, season and eat.

This porridge has the effects of warming the yang, invigorating qi, and strengthening the stomach, and can treat the symptoms of asthenia and cold stomachache, chills in the extremities.

  Anchovies take 1,000 grams of live anchovies, 10 grams each of amomum and tangerine peel, 2 heads of garlic, 10 grams each of peppers and chilli peppers, onions, refined salt, and soy sauce.

After descaling, cleaning gills and viscera, fill the belly of the fish with rinds, amomum, garlic, pepper, pickled pepper, shallots, refined salt, soy sauce, etc., and then fry the fish in the oil pan and put in an appropriate amount of water, / Cooked into scallions.

This palate has the effect of refreshing the spleen and warming the stomach, and can treat chronic diarrhea and chronic ulcers such as spleen and stomach deficiency.

  One black bone chicken with about 500 grams of black-bone chicken in grass and cardamom pot, remove the hair and internal organs, and wash them. Put 5 grams of grass fruit and cardamom into the belly of the chicken, seal the top with a bamboo stick, add water to the potCooked and seasoned.

This meal has the effects of warming the stomach and invigorating the spleen, dampening the spleen, moistening qi, and relieving qi and analgesics, and can treat spleen and stomach deficiency, defecation, and appetite.

  White pepper and red jujube pills take 7 jujubes for pitting, put 7 white peppers in each, tie them with wire, steam them, and then mash them to make mung bean-sized balls, taking 710 pills each time.

This pill has the effect of warming the stomach and nourishing blood, and can treat stomach cold pain.

  Cinnamon Hawthorn Drink takes 6 grams of cinnamon, 10 grams of hawthorn meat, and 30 grams of brown sugar.

Fry the hawthorn first, and then add the cinnamon. After frying, strain out the juice, add brown sugar, and mix the hot drink thoroughly.

This drink has the effect of warming the stomach and dispersing cold, and can treat cold stomachache.