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[Efficacy and role of Xiaohuang ginger]_Benefits_Functional effects

Little yellow ginger is a kind of ginger.

Folks have the custom of cooking with small yellow ginger.

In fact, little ginger has the same powerful health care effects as ginger.

For example, for people with motion sickness and seasickness, a piece of ginger can be pasted on the navel of the person to prevent vertigo.

Furthermore, those with poor appetite can also eat, and increase appetite, transforming small yellow ginger can also help digestion and help the body move?

Improve appetite 1 chewing small yellow ginger, gingerol in small yellow ginger can stimulate the oral cavity, can promote salivation of salivary glands, can promote eating; and the aromatic oil in small yellow ginger can stimulate the olfactory nerve, but also can increase appetite.
Digestive 2 Ginger Ginger is warm, eating can remove cold air from the stomach, has the effect of strengthening the stomach and warming the spleen, can enhance digestive function, and gingerol can stimulate gastric mucosa, etc., can promote digestion and secretion, and promote digestionAt the same time, the fiber in Xiaohuang ginger can promote tandem peristalsis and help digestion.

Antiemetic 3 Xiaohuangjiang has a peripheral antiemetic effect, and the active ingredient is a solution of zingerone and zingenone.

Generally, you can chew ginger before taking a trip, or put a piece on the navel, or you can put it on your nose to sniff, which has the effect of preventing motion sickness.

Huoxue 4 Xiaohuang Ginger is warm, spicy, and has a certain irritation. It has an exciting effect on the center of vascular movement and can promote blood circulation. Therefore, eating Xiaohuang ginger has the effect of activating blood.

5 sterilized ginger contains a large amount of gingerol, which has a significant inhibitory effect on typhoid and vibrio cholerae, and volatile aromatic oils also have a bactericidal effect, and the consumption of small ginger also kills the digestive tract and interactionsThe role of harmful bacteria.

Detoxification 6 Xiaohuangjiang can also detoxify Pinellia, toxin of the South Star, and decoction and drink. It can be used for the symptoms of swollen and numbness in the throat caused by Pinellia and Nanxing.

Therefore, when processing Pinellia terrestris and Nanxing, the same system of small ginger was often used to reduce its toxicity.

Zhuyang warm body 7 Xiaohuang ginger is warm and spicy, has the effect of promoting blood circulation, but also eliminates cold and helps Yang.

It is beneficial to men’s health, so Xiaohuangjiang can help warm the body.