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Vegetable root is also a medicine

Everyone knows that the vegetables we usually eat are both food and medicinal, especially the roots of vegetables.

Here are some vegetable roots that can protect you from cold.

  Eggplant root: Take the eggplant root, pomegranate peel in appropriate amount, and research into fine powder.

Take 6 grams each time, take 2 daily?
3 times, can cure more than flu.

  Celery root: Take 60 grams of celery root, 10 jujubes, and fry in water.

Eating jujube and soup can prevent arteriosclerosis.

  Leek roots: mash the leek roots and leaves to get juice, and use warm water to brew.

Once a day, suitable for acute enteritis, chronic constipation; take an appropriate amount of leek root, fry it with brown sugar water, can cure leucorrhea and more; leek root smashed wet dressing, has scattered stasis and swelling, analgesic and hemostatic effect, can cure bruisehurt.

  Water chestnut root: 120 grams of water chestnut root, decoction, can cure dysentery; 120 grams of water chestnut root, 250 ml each of vinegar and water, and mouthwash with the same decoction can cure dental caries and toothache.

  Spinach root: Take 100 grams of fresh spinach root, 15 grams of chicken inner gold, decoction.

2 daily?
3 times, can treat diabetes.

  Scallion root: Take 20 roots, white onion, and rice in the same amount, and cook into porridge, add a little vinegar, and take it while hot (it is best to sweat), it is suitable for exogenous earphones.

  It can be seen that life is full of knowledge, and the magic formula for preventing and treating cold is in every bit of our lives, so everyone does not hinder the good use of vegetable roots in the future.