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Seeing Qi and Blood from Nails

Insufficient blood gas is one of the common female diseases. There are many harms caused by insufficient blood gas. So how to look at insufficient blood gas from nails?

Nails are the external glory of viscera, qi and blood, and they have a direct connection with the human viscera, meridians and meridians, which can reflect the physiological and pathological changes of the human body. Therefore, reading the information contained in the nails helps you understand your own health.

Looking from the area of the half moon, the crescent-shaped white area 1/5 below the physical human nail is called the half moon, commonly known as “half moon mark” and “little sun”.

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the claws are the muscles and the liver and gallbladder. The half moon is the boundary of the yin and yang meridians of the human body, and it is the representative of essence and Qi, also known as the “health circle”.

A half month is not as much as possible. Healthy people have a half month except for the little finger.

The area of the half-moon trace is less than 1/5 of the nail, which means that the energy is insufficient, and the absorption capacity of the transplant is poor; if the area is larger than 1/5, it is mostly myocardial hypertrophy, which is prone to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, hypertension, and stroke.

If the half-moon trail is suddenly dark, shrinking, and disappearing, it is often prompted to continue the wasting diseases, such as tumors and bleeding.

Chinese medicine believes that the characteristics of the half moon can reflect the cold and heat attributes of the human body.

If the half month is reduced and the gloss is poor, it means that it is of cold constitution, often chills and colds, poor spirit, indigestion, pale complexion, etc., you can eat more lamb, ginger, coriander and other foods, or under the guidance of a doctorTake Huoxue Tongmai Decoction, Jinkui Shenqi Pill and other prescriptions to warm the meridian and disperse the cold to promote blood circulation.

There are also people who have nails for half a month, and they contain, indicating that the body is full of yang, which is a thermal constitution.

Those with a hot constitution are prone to irritability, irritability, dry mouth, constipation and other discomforts. They can eat bitter gourd, celery, etc. or take Liangxue Siwu Decoction.

There is also a part of the population, the half month is ambiguous, seems to be absent, this group is prone to emotional restlessness, abdominal distension, stuffiness, etc., mostly cold and heat staggered or yin-yang disorder type, you can take Xiao Chai Hu Tang, Erxian under the guidance of a doctorSoup, etc.

Although the “health circle” can reflect the circulation and nutritional status to a certain extent, the growth of the half moon is hindered by many factors and cannot be generalized.

From the color of nails, the nails of qi and blood healthy people are generally pink with a certain gloss and uniformity.

Traditional Chinese medicine also has “blood deficiency”. Too many people regard white nails as a sign of anemia, but a symptomatic analysis is needed.

For example, purple nails are a sign of arteriosclerosis, high blood lipids, or heart retention; blue nails are severe cold and blood stasis; yellow nails may have liver and gallbladder problems, or poor blood glucose metabolism; and a kind of blue nails, Showing obstructed lungs.

From the shape of the nails, if the surface of the nails is not smooth enough, vertical stripes appear, indicating that they have been overworked and not getting enough sleep.

If vertical lines persist, there may be a tendency for chronic complications in internal organs, and attention should be paid to work and rest.

If the lines are not vertical lines or even a horizontal line, it means that the blood is insufficient, and internal organs may have complications. You need to go to the hospital for examination.

Generally, the horizontal stripes are only at the bottom of the nail, but it will grow again and gradually move upward.

Too many people’s fingernails will show white spots, usually the symptoms of calcium deficiency, silicon deficiency, or parasitic disease; if there are too many white spots, it may be a sign of neurasthenia; if the nail spots are yellow, pay attention to whether you have a digestive system disease.
If nails have barbed for a long time, they may lack vitamins or trace elements.

Can nail meniscus judge women’s qi and blood status?

Expert: Judging the deficiency of qi and blood based on only the half-crescent. For the comprehensive analysis of how to judge the deficiency of qi and blood, there are opinions that the state of the upper half of the nail can be determined based on the condition.

Judging qi and blood status by meniscus alone is not comprehensive.

“Nail is also a barometer of human health.

From the meniscus on the nail, some hidden health hazards, such as nutritional deficiencies and vitamin deficiencies, can be judged, but the disease cannot be diagnosed by meniscus.

“An old saying goes:” The claws are the beauty of the muscles, the blood is more than “. The nails are ruddy, smooth, and shiny, which means that the qi and blood are relatively strong. If the nails are gray and dull, the body may have a certain disease.

The disappearance of meniscus does not necessarily mean that you are suffering from a disease. This may be related to ethnicity, age, nutritional status, etc. You cannot judge qi and blood status and diagnose diseases based on meniscus alone.

The judgment of qi and blood status often requires comprehensive body conditions, such as eyes, skin, lips, and body temperature.

“In general, women who have too much blood and qi have ruddy faces, black hair, normal menstruation, and are full of vitality.

On the contrary, women lack blood and qi, resulting in pale or yellowish faces, less gas and laziness, weak pulse, often dizziness, fatigue, hair loss, dry nails, sweating, tinnitus, palpitations, etc.

In general, women with insufficient blood and qi are accompanied by symptoms of spleen deficiency, and are prone to loss of appetite and nausea.

In addition, because the blood does not support the skin, the skin is dry and the lips are cracked.

Some women also suffer from excessive menstruation, too little menstruation, and even amenorrhea due to insufficient blood.

“According to survey data, about 52% of women have cold hands and feet, which may be related to insufficient blood and qi.

“Insufficient qi and blood in the human body cause insufficient yang, slow blood circulation, and the whole body’s warming function decreases, resulting in cold hands and feet.

“How to regulate female blood deficiency?Most people think that the lack of qi and blood in women does not affect the appearance. Qi and blood are the material basis of the human body. Physical function and the operation of various organs need to be maintained by qi and blood communication.

“Women’s chronic lack of qi and blood can easily lead to low autoimmune function and even affect the functions of various organs in the body. In addition, qi and blood deficiency and poor hematopoiesis can lead to anemia, which can cause organ damage.

Insufficient qi and blood in the body will cause women to suffer from menstruation, banding, and dysmenorrhea.

“So women’s lack of qi and blood needs to be adjusted in time.

“If the deficiency of women’s qi and blood is relatively mild, it is recommended to use food tonic for conditioning.

For blood, you can choose angelica, Shouwu, Ejiao, velvet antler, cooked land, Huang Jing; for qi, you can choose ginseng, Bei Quan, Dangshen, etc.

If you use Chinese herbal medicines for soup conditioning, you need to identify the cold, hot, deficient, and real symptoms of the physique, and be familiar with the cold, hot, warm, and cold properties of Chinese medicine, and dialectically treat the alternative traditional Chinese medicines on this basis.

It is best to buy and take blood-related blood-supplement products under the guidance of a doctor, such as oral iron source, blood-conditioning conditioning color, which can improve women’s blood deficiency and other problems.

Regarding the deficiency of qi and blood, qi supplementing drugs such as ginseng, astragalus, and codonopsis are added at the same time as qi supplementing blood.

In addition, for those with a deficiency of qi and blood due to a genetic disease, they should be treated according to the etiology treatment, blood transfusion, iron supplementation, and the method of food supplementation.